We are proud to share our progress

The dreams and ambitions are just a fuel that keeps us going, but the driving force is quite a lot of technology and some clever algorithms that we are working on. It all started in 2016 as a spin-off from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in Skopje, Macedonia. We are happy and proud to share our progress.



  • Test run for top 5 company in Macedonia
  • In collaboration with one of the top 5 companies in Macedonia, which depends on high quality maps, we test and improve our algorithm in practice. 



  • Milestone
  • Western Balkans Digital Summit 2018
  • Vision Dynamix was invited to the Western Balkans Digital Summit. There was great interest in our technology. 


  • LAS format implemented
  • LAS is the primary output format used by Lidar scanners.


  • Milestone
  • Filtering noise
  • We added a new filtering system for noise and outlier’s removal, removing points that do not actually exist. The result is a much better output. 


  • Speed of algorithm
  • We managed to increase the speed of the algorithm significantly, about 60 times.


  • Milestone
  • Colors added to point cloud
  • We were able to add colors to the point cloud. 



  • Milestone
  • First results using sensor fusion
  • We got first results using sensor fusion that includes the computer vision algorithm fused with the sensors from the drone (GPS, IMU).


  • Milestone
  • Real time video and 3D map streaming
  • Real time video and 3D map streaming over Internet while the drone is in the air, enabling access to the system from any place with access to Internet. This means the map creation can be monitored online in real time.


  • Milestone
  • First results
  • First results of the platform using improved tracking system.


  • Parallelize the mapping process
  • Part of the code is rewritten to use the CUDA instructions from the Jetson TX1 embedded computer which parallelize the mapping process.


  • Milestone
  • nVidia Jetson TX1
  • Platform is ported on nVidia Jetson TX1 embedded computer and new drone is assembled for testing.


  • Terra Mapper
  • Vision Dynamix officially started to work on a platform called Terra Mapper for real time 3D mapping using a drone.



  • Fund of Innovation and Technology Development
  • Vision Dynamix received funding from the Fund of innovation and Technology Development of Republic of Macedonia.


  • Start of Vision Dynamix
  • This was the official start of Vision Dynamix.



  • Proof of concept presented as master thesis
  • Proof of concept 3D mapping in real time on a drone presented as master thesis of Dushko Murtovski.


  • Milestone
  • Proof of concept
  • 3D mapping algorithm ported to ARM processor architecture and tested on Raspberry Pi 2 embedded computer. Proof of concept for 3D mapping in real time was created.