Real-time with centimeter level precision

"Our solution uses method for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM). This method allows us to find the location of a vehicle and in the same time build a map of the surroundings"


Our mission is to develop a 3D mapping platform that gives the accuracy of laser scanners for a significant reduction of the costs. This is done in real-time, which means that during the recording of video you can monitor the creation of 3D maps and manipulate the result. No need to wait for post processing and data validation. We use drones to test and improve our system and integrate other sensors, like high precision GPS, for centimeter level precision.


The backbone of the solution is an algorithm for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (known as SLAM). We use the whole video from the camera and not just separate images to create 3D maps. The 3D maps are generated real-time on our drones and made visible on a smartphone or tablet. This gives the possibility to improve the map during flight time. Besides a standard camera we integrate other sensors, like GPS. The localization and the mapping are complementary, the first uses the other for optimizing its accuracy and vice versa. The result is a real-time and centimeter level precision 3D map.


One side digital photogrammetry that works with stitching images and then creating a 3D map from the environment is slow and not very accurate. The alternative is using Lidar scanners which have high accuracy but are quite expensive initially and for maintenance. We have the alternative.

Photogrametry Lidar mapping Vision Dynamix
High precision
Dataset quality
GPS integration
IMU sensor integration
Global consistency map
Loop closure
Low light operation

Our platform can be used in a variety of fields. Just imagine how much time and resources would be saved if a whole construction project is mapped. A process which normally take days doing it manually. Or that the environment is being mapped real-time while driving.


Contruction, Geodetic, Mining, Oild & Gas

Precise calculations make construction and inspections much easier.

Virtual Reality

Create and share virtual experiences with your own camera.

Law enforcement and military organizations

Exact dimensions of an unknown interior can give the upper advantage.

Game personalisation and development

Imagine to virtually race with friends in your own neighborhood.

Autonomous driving and navigation

Cost effective and accurate maps for autonomous driving and navigation.

Safety and rescue

Fast and precise maps for impact analysis and disaster recovery plan.